Quality, Employee and Environmental.


ISO 9001 / 2008 accredited, and externally audited monthly, Coventry Engineering Group pays more than just lip service to quality standards. 

In process qualitycomes as standard throughout the organisation, at each stage of manufacture, supported by a comprehensive range of modern and regularly calibrated gauging. Recent investment in an Aberlink Zenith Too CMM with its large 1.5m x 0.8m bed allows us to measure to high accuracy, both large and small complex machined components and assemblies against a solid model.



The group believes that its greatest assetts are its people. Employee retention levels are very high and largely attributed to the very open and honest style of working relationship between management and staff.

Through regular briefings on key issues affecting the business, employees are kept informed and actively encouraged to ask questions and contribute to the growth and developement of the group.

The group also believes in acting responsibly towards the environment. Great care is taken to eliminate waste and recycle wherever possible. No toxic substances are used in manufacture and waste products are disposed of only via approved waste contractors.