Accessories General

A collection of accessories for for various toolholding applications including -
Spanners and Socket Wipers
HSK Coolant Tube Equipment
Drill chucks
Toolchanger Alignment Gauges
Gripper / Clamping Fixtures

Accessories General

  • HSK Coolant Tubes and Wrenches

    Directs the coolant from the machine spindle directly into the toolholder.
    Note on some machines with through coolant this must be fitted for the machine to run.
    A special wrench is required to assemble and remove.

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  • Spanners and Wrenches

    A range of spanners and wrenches to cover all toolholders.
    Spanners available for ER. ER Mini, DA, TG, OZ collet chucks and Shell Mill adapters

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  • Socket / Spindle Wipers

    To enable the inside of a machine spindle to be cleaned to ensure correct taper contact.

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  • Drill Chucks

    A range of drill chucks with capacities 0-10mm, 1-13mm and 2-16mm.
    Location is by Jacobs taper (J2, J33, J6) or B10, 12, 16 and 18 taper.

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  • Toolchanger Alignment Gauges

    A set of three gauges to allow the set up and alignment of the toolchanger to spindle nose.
    Available in DV (SK) and BT 40/50 tapers, Capto C4, C5, C6 and HSKA 40, 50, 63 and 100.

  • Clamping / Gripper Fingers

    A range to cover HSK63 & 100, C6 & C8, KM63 and 40 / 50 tapers with BT or DV/SK grooves.
    Spring pressure can be adjusted depending on application.