Heat Shrink Units

Heat Shrink Machines.
To complement the range of Heat Shrink Toolholders is a High Performance Heat Shrink system.
The system is very flexible and allows a low start up cost with options can be added at a later date.
The units are easy to use via a remote control with most shrink operations being achieved on automatic cycles, thus allowing shrink cycle times of 2 - 7 seconds. 
The standard inductor head covers the range of 2 - 40mm diameter tools. Larger diameters can be accommodated.
Cooling units can be integrated or stand alone.

Heat Shrink Units

  • Heat Shrink Units

    Start - 2. 
    A self contained unit that can be used on a workbench or trolley. Standard shrinking range 2 - 20mm.

  • Heat Shrink Units With Cooling

    Heat Shrink Units with built in cooling units. Enables tools to be cooled without handling by the operator.
    Fi 5A-1
    Shrinking unit with a built in single cooling unit. Standard shrinking range 2 - 32mm
    Fi 5B-2
    Shrinking unit with two built in cooling units. Standard shrinking range 2 - 32mm

  • Heat Shrink Accessories

    • Stand alone cooling unit for use with Start-2
    • Toolholder location bases.
    • Tool height pre-setting units.
    • Induction Rings and Spares