Boring Heads

This design of boring head has the capability to bore, face, counter bore, spotface and outside diameter turn due to its multiple locations for the cutting tool. The standard heads cover a range of bore diameters from 12.5mm to 546mm depending on configuration.
Adapters are available to cover a wide range of spindle tapers, the heads are connected using a thread and spigot location.
A range of boring tools is also available with both brazed and clamped carbide inserts.

Boring Heads General

  • Boring Heads

    Three sizes of general purpose heads covers a boring range of 12.5 - 546mm diameter.
    Bores as small as 2mm can be machined, however maximum bore size is limited to around 100mm

  • Boring Head Spindle Adapters

    A range of spindle adapters to hold the boring heads.
    Available in BT40, 50 - DV (SK) 40,50 - Quick Change and DIN2080 30, 40, 50 - HSK63 - R8 and Easy Change tapers.

  • Cutting Tools for Boring Heads

    The use of brazed carbide allows boring of holes down to 2mm diameter.
    Replaceable tip tools have a minimum bore size of 6mm.