Boring Systems Micron Adjustable

The Precision Micron Adjustable Boring System has a modular type back end enabling connection to most machine tool spindles and opening up a wide range of boring options. Boring heads are available to cover the majority of applications and allow adjustment to .002mm (.00008")

Boring Systems Micron Adjustable

  • Fine Boring Heads for Cylindrical Shank Tools

    Holds a range of standard boring bars, generally for diameters in the range of 3mm - 88mm
    The range can be extended up to 320mm by using fine boring bridges.

  • Cartridge Type Boring Heads

    Provides a stable cutting platform.
    For diameters in the range 24mm to 170mm

  • Twin Cutter Boring Heads

    For increased productivity.
    For diameters in the range 24mm to 153mm
    Versions are available to bore up to 400mm diameter.

  • Bridge Type Boring Systems

    A two part system consisting of a master shank and an extension bridge.
    The range of bridges covers a range of 150mm - 2,205mm bore diameters and 10mm-465mm external diameters.

  • Fine Boring Sets

    Sets are available to cover a range of boring tasks to give added flexibility with a single fine boring head.