Modular Extension / Toolholder System

A face and spigot system whereby that enables a range of boring head systems to be adapted to the machine spindle.
Clamping is by tapered screws that provides an accurate and rigid system.
Precision Boring Tools can be mounted direct or through a range of extensions and reducers. 
The modular system can also be utilised for general machining using the range of ER, End Mill, Shell Mill and Drill chucks modular toolholders.

Modular Extension / Toolholder System

  • Modular Spindle Adapters

    A range of adapters for 30, 40, 50 taper BT, DV (SK) and DIN2080 steep tapers and HSK tapers.

  • Modular Extensions and Reducers

    Extensions are available to increase reach from 25mm up to 180mm.
    Reducers give added flexibility on larger machines.

  • Toolholders for Modular Systems

    Increases flexibility to include machining operations using the boring head adapters.
    ER16, 25,32, 40, End Mill 6-25mm, Shell Mill 16, 22, 27, 32 and Drill Chucks are readily available.