Rotary Coolant Adapters / Inducers

A cost effective system that allows machines without through spindle coolant the ability to utilize modern through coolant cutting tools.

These adapters are designed for both CNC machines with automatic tool change or for machines with manual clamping systems. The addition of a simple coolant feed block mounted on the machine head is all that is required to use the system.

Specials are available to give modular front ends (i.e. HSK) to utilize existing toolholding systems.

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Rotary Coolant Adapters / Inducers

  • CNC Autochange Rotary Coolant Adapters

    Primarily available in 30/40/50 taper configurations in a range of taper standards (BT, DV, SK, CAT-ANSI). HSK also available.
    By fitting a coolant feed block on the spindle nose, the adapter can be tool changed and automatically pick up the coolant feed.
    End Mill and Collet Type front ends are available along with reduction sleeves to give added flexibility.

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  • Manual Rotary Coolant Adapters

    The main body is manually loaded into the machine spindle and the coolant inducer is prevented from rotating usually with a stop rod.
    Coolant feed is manually connected usually with a quick change connector.
    Available in a range of manual and CNC tapers.

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  • Coolant Feed Blocks

    A range of designs are available to suit most machine types. 
    The block normally fits onto the end of the machine spindle (usually on the end cap) and has the coolant permanently connected.

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  • Special Rotary Coolant Adapters / Inducers.

    A wide range of specials have been designed and manufactured. In the main the front toolholding is special.
    Popular types are - HSK female connector, Axial / Radial adjustable, special cutting tool connections.

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