DIN2080 Manual Toolchange
A complete range of precision standard and bespoke tooling systems to suit DIN 2080 30, 40 and 50 taper machine spindles. Available in through coolant AD form. The range covers Collet Chucks, End Mill (Weldon) Adapters, Shell Mill Adapters, Morse Taper Adapters, Precision Milling Chucks, Taper Reduction Chucks, Greenstock Blanks, Tapping Chucks, Test Bars and Drill Chucks.
The standard DIN2080 range has a metric thread system to suit metric draw bars, however imperial size draw bar threads are available.
The chucks are complemented by a full range of accessories such as collets, spanners etc.
Please contact us for all your specials requirements that are not shown in the catalogue
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DIN2080 30, 40 & 50 TAPER

  • Collet Chuck

    Collet chucks for DIN 6499 (ER) and DIN 6388 collets
    Form A / AD

    Download PDF
  • Precision Milling Chuck

    Precision Milling Chuck
    Precision High Grip Milling Chuck. Also available in sets.

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  • End Mill Holder (Weldon, Sidelock)

    End Mill (Sidelock)  holders for weldon type cutting tools
    Form A, A/D.

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  • Morse Taper Adapter

    Versions for both tang type and drawbar thread tools

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  • Combi Shell Mill Holder

    For DIN 6358 Cutters. 
    Form A, A/D.

    Download PDF
  • Shell Mill Holder

    For DIN6357 cutters.

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  • Drill Chuck Adapters

    Drill Chuck Adapters for B12, B16, B18 and JT tapers
    Intergal Drill Chuck

    Download PDF
  • Integral Drill Chuck

    Precision Drill Chucks with clamping range up to 16mm

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  • Taper Reduction Adapters

    With adaption for BT, DV (SK) and DIN2080 tapers
    DIN2201 drive also available

    Download PDF
  • Quick Change Tapping Chuck

    Tension/Compression type.
    For Quick Change type tap adapters

    Download PDF
  • Greenstock (Boring Bar) Blank

    Hardened and ground taper - front soft to allow machining.
    Special diameters and lengths available.

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  • Test Bars

    Test bars for machine alignment checks

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