Easy Change

A tooling system for manual machines that enables quick tool changeover at the spindle nose. An Easy Change adapter is fitted to the machine spindle and is left in position. Toolholders can be changed over in seconds thus 
speeding up the typical spot, drill and tap sequence of machining. 
A range of spindle adapters are available for most manual machine spindles including R8, Morse Taper, ISO30 and 40 Steep Tapers and Straight Shank.
The toolholder range covers Collet Chucks, End Mill (Weldon) Adapters, Shell Mill Adapters, Morse Taper Adapters, Greenstock Blanks, Tapping Chucks and Drill Chucks.
The chucks are complemented by a full range of accessories such as collets, spanners etc.
Please contact us for all your specials requirements that are not shown in the catalogue.
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Easy Change (Coventry Toolholders) System

  • Easy Change Spindle Adapter

    Adapts your machine spindle to take the Easy Change system.
    Available as standard - R8, QC / DIN2080 - 30 and 40 taper, Morse Taper and 32mm (or 1 - 1/4") Straight Shank.
    Both metric and imperial fittings available.

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  • Easy Change Starter Kits

    A spindle adapter to suit your machine along with a starter kit or a comprehensive kit of Easy Change Toolholders

  • Collet Chucks (ER) (DA)

    Collet chucks for DIN 6499 (ER) and DA (Double Angle) series collets.

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  • End Mill Holder (Weldon, Sidelock)

    End Mill (Sidelock)  holders for weldon type cutting tools
    Metric and Imperial bore sizes available.

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  • Morse Taper Adapter

    Tang type version for MT1, MT2 and MT3 tools

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  • Shell Mill Holder

    For DIN6357 cutters.
    Metric and Imperial spigot sizes available.

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  • Drill Chuck Adapters

    Drill Chuck Adapters for JT2, JT3, JT33 and JT6 tapers


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  • Keyles Drill Chuck

    Keyless Precision Drill Chucks with clamping range up to 16mm
    Use with a Drill Chuck adapter

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  • Quick Change Tapping Chuck

    Tension/Compression types used in conjunction with an End Mill adaptor
    For Quick Change type tap adapters

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  • Boring Head Adapter

    To adapt a 'Criterion' type boring system with 7/8" *20 thread.

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  • Greenstock (Boring Bar) Blank

    Hardened and ground taper - front soft to allow machining.

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  • Easy Change Storage Tray

    Holds up to 10 pieces.


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  • Tightening Fixture for Easy Change

    Designed to clamp in a vice, eases the fitting and removal of cutting tools.

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