QC - Quick Change

A range of precision standard and bespoke tooling systems to suit Quick Change 30 and 40 taper machine spindles. 
These toolholders are ideally suited to machines fitted with the Quick Change locknut. This allows clamping and unclamping of the QC toolholder in a 1/4 turn of the locknut. 
This provides a rigid quick change system for 30, 40 and 50 taper machines. 
Note due to the unique flange dimensions in most cases DIN2080 specification toolholders will not fit in this clamp system.
The range covers Spindle Adapters, Collet Chucks, End Mill (Weldon) Adapters, Shell Mill Adapters, Morse Taper Adapters and Tapping Chucks.
The chucks are complemented by a full range of accessories such as collets, spanners etc.
Please contact us for all your specials requirements that are not shown in the catalogue.
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Quick Change (QC / Bristol Erickson)

  • Quick Change (QC) Bristol Erickson System

    Available to suit a range of machines. The adapter can be easily removed from the spindle if required.
    Another option is to mount the QC locknut assembly direct to the spindle nose of the machine, however this is a more permanent connection.

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  • Quick Change Toolholders

    A range of toolholders is available for ER, TG, DA collet systems, End Mill (Sidelock) systems, Shell Mill / Combi Shell Mill, Morse Taper and Tap Adapters.

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