Toolholders for Vertical Turning Machines

Coventry Toolholders design and manufacture a range of tooling to suit both static and rotating spindle type machines. 
Standard toolholders are available on short lead times. Should your application require a special solution (access issues, long reach) then please contact our engineering team.
Modular systems are also available the suit tooling systems such as Capto, KM, HSK and many other modular type systems.
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Toolholders for Vertical Turning Machines

  • Vertical Turning Machine Block Type Toolholders

    Block type toolholders available in a range of gauge lengths and square shank tool sizes.
    Through or external coolant available.

  • Vertical Turning Machine Boring Bar Type Toolholders

    Available in varying gauge lengths to suit square shank tooling and cylindrical boring bars.
    Axial, Radial and 45 Degree configurations available.

  • Vertical Turning Machine Modular Type Toolholders

    Enables the clamping of modular tooling systems. This allows flexibility in cutting tool choice and reduces set up time.

  • Vertical Turning Machine Driven Angle Heads

    A range of angle heads are availabe to suit drilling, milling and tapping operations.
    Adds flexibility to the machine enabling more operations to be completed in one set up.

  • Vertical Turning Machine Rotating Toolholders

    For machines with rotating spindles - a range of standard and extended toolholders to enable drilling, milling and tapping operations.